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A Safe Journey to Explore

Your Journey from the physical to infinity




00.1 soham slow


00.2 soham medium


00.3 soham speed


00.4 soham kriya slow med speed 4 times


00.5 soham kriya 20;40;40






chakra 1 sound

chakra 2 sound

chakra 3 sound

chakra 4 sound

chakra 5 sound

chakra 6 sound

chakra 7 sound



chakra 1 lam

chakra 2 vam

chakra 3 ram

chakra 4 yam

chakra 5 ham

chakra 6 aum

chakra 7 so ham

chakra with mantras 1 to 7



chakra 1 breathing

chakra 2 breathing

chakra 3 breathing

chakra 4 breathing

chakra 5 breathing

chakra 6 breathing

chakra 7 breathing


This simple and effective illustrative meditation images can be used to meditate.

112 illustrative graphic meditation cards

This simple and effective meditation can be done by listening to the meditation techniques.


Animated Videos of Meditation

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Pranayama- Watching the breath


1. Watch the gap between two breaths


2. Watch the turning point between two breaths


3. Watch the fusion point of two breaths


4. Be aware when breathing stops


5. Focus your attention on the third eye


5 a attention on third eye


5.b.witness to the thoughts


5.c. Observe the vibrating breath


5.d. Let breath essence shower as light


5 a to d focus your attention on third eye


6. Focus on the gap during your daily activities


6.a. focus on gap- while drinking- man


6.b. focus on gap- while drinking woman


6.c. focus on gap- while eating


6.d. Focus on gap- while enjoying


6.e. focus on the gap- in a drama


6.f. focus on the gap- while sleeping


6 a to f focus on gap during activities


07. Be aware in dreams


07.a.attention between two eyebrows


07.b.aware of the center of navel where breath comes


07.c.feel the prana in the breath


07.d.sleep is overtaking you


7.e.feel the prana coming to the heart


7.f.prana enters from heart into the body


7.g.aware in dreams


7.h.master of dreams


7.i.quality of sleep like that of death


7.j.cessation of dreaming death ceases to be


07.a to j aware in dreams


08. Watch the turning point with devotion


8.a.think as divine is eating web


8.b.think as divine is drinking


8.c.think as divine is taking bath


8.d.think as divine is breathing the turning point with devotion


8.f.the body is the temple of the divine


8.a to f watch the turning point with devotion


9. Lie down as dead


09.a.just imagine that you are dead


9.b.suddenly!you have gone dead


09.c.dying will not be a happy moment are dead, so stay so are dead, so stay so


09.f.stare without moving an eyelash


9.g.suck something and become sucking


9.h.just born childs crying is sucking


9.i.yogis sucking prana instead of breathing


09.a to i. lie down as dead, stare, suck


10. Become the caress


10 a in love you are relaxed


10.b.a tense man cannot love


10.c.while you are being loved has no meaning is always here, eternal


10.f.from past you move to future


10.g. from present you go deeper


10.h.time means straight, horizontal


10.h.2. time means straight, horizontal


10.i. in present you move vertically


10 a to i. Become the caress


11. Close your senses and become stonelike


11.a. close your eyes and think you are blind


11.b. close your ears, cannot hear


11.c. close your nose,you cannot smell


11.d.Close your tongue, you cannot taste


11.e.close your body, no sensation of touch


11.f.stop breathing, senses will be closed


11.g to k 1.stop the doors of the senses stonelike


11.g to k.2. stop the doors of the senses stonelike


11.g to k. L.You are only a stone


11.g to k.M. Feel that you are now a stone


11 g to k. N. you are closed, no window have thorn in your feet


11.h.ant is creeping on your leg, want to throw have a wound, it is painful


11.j.1 You have a headache


11.j.2 You have a back-ache


11.j.3 You have a joint pain


11.j.4 You have a tooth pain


11.k. You have pain in the body


11.o. You cannot move, centered in yourself


11.p.You can look from your center


11.q.Never be the same man again


11.a to q. close your senses, become stone like


12. Let yourself become weightless


12.a. Weight is of the body, you are weightless


12.b. Dehypnotize yourself that you are not a body


12 c mind also has weight


12.d. When you are happy, you forget the body completely


12.e. Conceive, feel and realise that you are weightless


12.f. When you do not feel weight, you are beyond mind


12. a to f. Let yourself become weightless


13. Concentrate totally on one object


13.a.Mind is always wandering


13.b.1. concentrate till the point dissolves technique


13.b.1. concentrate till the point dissolves


13.b.2. Totally concentrate on one object technique


13.b.2. Totally concentrate on one object


13.c. Totally concentrate on a point on a wall technique


13.c. Totally concentrate on a point on a wall


13.d. Totally concentrate on the mind technique


13.d. Totally concentrate on the mind


13.e. totally concentrate behind the heart technique


13.e. totally concentrate behind the heart


13.f. totally concentrate on the heart technique


13.f. totally concentrate on the heart


13.g. Totally concentrate on the navel technique


13.g. Totally concentrate on the navel


13 a to k concentrate on a point untill it dissolves


13 a to k concentrate on the heart untill it dissolves


13 a to k concentrate on the mind untill it dissolves


13 a to k concentrate on the navel untill it dissolves


14. Put your awareness on your spine

14 a Let the backbone be straight, erect


14 b visualize your spine


14 c Firstly able to visualize as imagination only


14 d go on visualising the spinal column


14 e visualise the lotus thread


14 f concentration on the lotus thread


14 g delicate nerve is non material, is energy


14 h Through energy cord you are related to invisible


14 i through the thread you are related to the soul


14 j light from thread goes beyond body


14 a to j put your awareness on your spine


15 Close all the openings of your head


15 a 1 close all openings of the head eyes ears nose mouth


15 a 2 close all openings of the head


15 b consciousness going out is stopped


15 c if you stop breathing, mind will stop


15 d you are always moving out close openings


15 e the 3rd eye sees spiritual infinite


15 f conciousness remains in its source the third eye


15 g third eye not physical, it is infinite


15 h knowing 3rd eye universe belongs to you


15 a to h close all openings of your head


16 Absorb the senses in your heart


16 a touch anything


16 a 1 touch, feel the beloved from heart


16 a 2 touch, feel the child from heart


16 a 3 touch, feel the mother from heart


16 a 4 touch, feel the freind from heart


16 a 5 touch, feel the tree from heart


16 a 6 touch, feel the flower from heart


16 a 7 touch, feel the earth from heart


16 a 8 touch, feel the lover from heart


16 b listening music from heart


16 c concentrate, think, feel and become headless


16 d senses dissolved in the heart


16 e heart is the lotus, sense is opening


16 f inner force throws all openings open


16 a 1 to 8 touch, feel with the heart


16 a to f absorb the senses in your heart


17 Do not choose, keep in the middle


17 a when angry mind insists repentance


17 b mind is a pendulum, it goes on moving


17 c remain in middle until mind dies you explode


17 d Aware continuosly doing everywhere


17 e stumble upon exact middle


17 a to e Do not choose, keep in the middle


18 Look lovingly at an object


18 a look at a flower and forget yourself


18 b consciousness filled with thought to help flower


18 c If you love someone, you forget the whole crowd


18 d when you are absent, the other has become your center of love


18 e pray for the other, suddenly the blessing


18 a to e look lovingly at an object


19 Sit on your buttocks only


19 a feel your hands and sensations


19 b lying forget body feel buttocks only


19 c stand against wall buttocks touching


19 d sit on the buttocks without support of feet or hands


19 a to d sit on your buttocks only


20. Meditation in a moving vehicle






21.Concentration on a pain in your body










22 look at your past dis identified


22 a remembering past as someones life


22 b observe what you imagine future


22 c witness consciousness eternal


22 d unwinding the mind


22 e unwinding of factors of disease


22 a to e look at your past disidentified


If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness.

The beauty of the inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and to experiment within, to do so alone. This eliminates dependence on an outer authority, the need to be affiliated with any organization and the obligation to accept a certain ideology. Once you understand the steps, you walk the walk in your own, individual way.

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our body mind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions.
Active Meditations enable us to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way.

What Meditation Is

There are many different, even contradictory ideas, about what meditation is. The Primary aspect is the need for the meditator to understand the nature of the mind, rather than fight with it.

Most of us most of the time are run by, dominated by our thoughts or feelings. It follows that we tend to think we are those thoughts and feeling. Meditation is the state of simply being, just pure experiencing, with no interference from the body or mind. It’s a natural state but one which we have forgotten how to access.

The word meditation is also used for “what is”, more accurately, a meditation method. Meditative methods, techniques or devices are means by which to create an inner ambience that facilitates disconnecting from the bodymind, so one can simply be. While initially it is helpful to put time aside to practice a structured meditation method, there are many techniques that are practiced within the context of one’s everyday life – at work, at leisure, alone and with others.

Methods are needed only until the state of meditation – of relaxed awareness, of consciousness and centering – has become not just a passing experience but as intrinsic to one as breathing.


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