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A Safe Journey to Explore

Your Journey from the physical to infinity through art, science and yoga.


infinity web site links

A moment of awe the beginning of infinity



universal smart window


billions of trillions of galaxies and goes on increasing by looking deeper into it


it would take 4 BILLION years to cross if you were travelling at the speed of light


Spectacular Hypergiant Star millions of times of sun Found Passing Through Forbidden Zone


The Antimatter Supernova --One of the Largest Cosmic Explosions Ever Recorded


An 'Infinity of Dwarfs' --A Visible Universe of 7 Trillion Dwarf Galaxies


An Aging Star Found Creating New Worlds


Something Massive that act 'like giant vacuum cleaners, titling our universe


The Great Attractor --Is Something is Pulling Our Region of the Universe Towards a Colossal Unseen Mass


A 'Fifth Force' May Alter Gravity at Cosmic Scales


A Galaxy So Ancient It Shouldn't Exist


Unknown Fundamental Force in the Universe


An Unknown Force of the Universe is Acting on Dark Matter


Being Dead And Alive Simultaneously in wave and particle form


Bizzare Binary Neutron Stars With Gravity 300 Billion Times Earth


black hole spin at speed of light


Colossal Black Hole Equal to 17 Billion Suns


Colossal Bubbles at Milky Way's Plane --May Be the Annihilation of Dark Matter


Cosmic Flows --Mapping the Movements of the Galaxies


Every Galaxy has Counterparts in Other Universes


extraterrestrial cosmic rays


First Galaxies of the Universe


Fundamental Constant of the Universe --Same After Seven-Billion Years


Gravity Doesn't Exist --Is this Fundamental Phenomenon of the Universe an Illusion


Higgs Boson Could Make the Speed of Light Possible


largest structure in the universe


Magnetic Fields of the Universe Preceeded Stars


Movement of Galaxy Clusters Opens New Window on the Universe --May Unlock Key to Dark Energy


mystery of cosmic rays


Mystery of Neutrinos --Ghosts of the Universe


mystery surrounding the source of the highest-energy particles known in the Universe has grown deeper


New type of cosmic ray discovered after 100 years


Shape-Shifting Neutrinos rarely interact matter


Supernova Powered Photons --The Long-Sought 'Mystery' Source of Cosmic Rays


the particles don't travel in straight lines through the galaxy but instead follow tortuous paths that provide no clue to their starting point.


The Unsolved Mystery of Elliptical Galaxies


universe is a simulation


Unsolved Mystery of Molecules Found in Andromeda & Triangulum Galaxies


We May be Living in a Massive Computer-Generated Universe


Lobsters hold the key to eternal life crustacean can defy the ageing process


Self-healing polymer that spontaneously and independently repairs itself


Synthetic mRNA can induce self-repair regeneration of the infarcted heart


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