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A Safe Journey to Explore

Your Journey from the physical to infinity through science and astronomy.

Astronomy shots till may 2013

Astronomy screenshots


Time travel IS possible - but only if you want to go to the future

Voyager-1 leaves solar enters interstellar space

We can Now Listen to Black Holes Forming Throughout the Universe

10 Historic Moments in Voyager’s Journey to Interstellar Space

Earth's 250-Million-Year Journey through the Milky Way

Hubble Illusion Shows Cosmic Crash

NuSTAR catches black holes on the fly

Science Capable of Describing Only 35% of the Universe

The Big Bang Afterglow --New Mysteries RevealedA The Unseen Universe-

The Unseen Universe- A Cosmic Fog from Ancient Undetected Galaxies

Red nugget galaxies were hiding in plain sight



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