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Man is an image of the universe.  He was created by the same laws which created the whole of the universe.  It is impossible to study a system of the universe without studying man and vice versa.  By knowing and understanding himself he will know and understand the universe, all the laws that create and govern the universe and vice versa.  In this connection some laws are understood and assimilated more easily by studying the objective universe, while man can only understand other laws by studying himself.  The study of the universe and the study of man must therefore run parallel, one helping the other.

In relation to the term ‘world’ it is necessary to understand from the very outset that there are many worlds, and that we live not in one world, but in several worlds, worlds contained one within another.

Man does not know himself that he is not. Man without knowing himself he is a machine.  All his deeds, actions, words, thoughts, feelings, convictions, opinions, and habits are the results of influences and impressions of both external and internal.  Everything he says, does, thinks, feels- all this happens.  Everything happens.    

Everybody always thinks he could do it better.  They do not understand, that what is being done, and what has already been done in one way, cannot be, and could not have been done, in another way.  Actually everything is being done in the only way it can be done.  If one thing could be different then everything could be different. 

Everything is dependant on everything else, everything is connected, nothing is separate.  Therefore everything is going in the only way it can go.  If people were different everything would be different.  They are what they are, so everything is as it is.

All people think that they can do, but actually nobody does anything and nobody can do anything.  Everything happens.  Absolutely nothing that can be done.  In order to do it is necessary “to be”.


Really, no matter is there what we call soul.  Any conceptualization is going to miss the real- any conceptualization – so whatever has been known as the self, the soul, the atman, is not the real thing.  It cannot be.  All those who have defined it, have defined it with a condition, that they are trying something that is absurd.  That which cannot be said they are saying; that which cannot be defined they are defining; that which cannot be known they are making a theory about. Three types of  mystics who define it as:-
1) There have been the mystics who have remained totally silent about it.  They will not give any definition; they say definition is futile.
2) There have been mystics who have defined stating: - even untrue theory leads to truth even an effort that is futile can be helpful.  Sometimes even wrongs may become rights; sometimes even a false step may lead you to a right end. 
3) There are mystics who are neither silent nor have defined.  They have just denied the whole thing. 


The purpose of life is to become conscious, the very evolution of life itself is to become more and more conscious, but the consciousness is always other oriented: conscious of some thing, some object.  Universal living means to be evolving in the dimension where there is no object and only consciousness remains.  Universal living is the method of evolving toward pure consciousness; not being conscious of something, but being consciousness itself.

When you are conscious of something, you are not conscious of being conscious.  Your consciousness has become focused on something; your attention is not at the source of consciousness itself.  In universal living the effort is to become conscious of both the object and the source.  The consciousness becomes double arrowed.  You must be aware of the object, and you must be simultaneously aware of the subject.  The subject must not be lost, it must not become forgotten when you are focused on the object.  Then both the subject and object should be dropped and just be conscious.  This pure consciousness is the aim of universal living.


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