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Mental Physical 

       Vital Physical 

    Material Physical


Vital Being

              |                                  |                                   |                  |

Vital Mind

Emotional vital

        Physical vital         

True Vital



Mind Being

Spiritual Mind

Psychic Mind 

Individual Mind 

Higher Mind

Larger Mind

Physical Mind

Mechanical Mind  



Mind Proper  /  Psychic Mind 

|                                             |                                        |

Thinking Mind

Dynamic Mind

Externalising Mind




Inner                 |               Outer


Inner               |                 Outer




First, the mental vital which gives a mental expression by thought, speech or otherwise to the emotions, desires, passions, sensations and other movements of the Vital Being; the seat is the region from throat to the heart.

The emotional vital which is the seat of various feelings such as love, joy, sorrow, hatred, and the rest; the seat is the heart [it is a double centre, belonging in front to the emotional and vital and behind to the psychic]

The central vital which is the seat of the stronger vital longings and reactions, e.g., ambition, pride, fear, love of fame, attractions and repulsions, desires and passions of various kinds and the field of many vital energies; the seat is from the heart to the navel.

Last, the lower vital which is occupied with small desires and feelings, the seat is below the navel

Above the heart is the vital mind, but the rising of sensation is lower than the emotion, not higher.

Sensation is much nearer the physical than emotion.

The place of desire is below the heart in the central vital (navel) and in the lower vital, but it moves the emotion and the vital mind.

Love, hope, pity have their primary seat in the heart.

The Muladhar is the centre of the physical Consciousness proper, and all below in the body is the sheer physical, which as it goes downward becomes increasingly Subconscient, but the real seat of the Subconscient is below the body, as the real centre seat of the higher Consciousness (super conscient) is above the body.

At the same time, the Subconscient can be felt anywhere, felt as something below the movement of the Consciousness and, in a way, supporting it from beneath or else drawing the Consciousness down towards itself.



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