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Suppose we have a key in our hands.  We cannot directly understand the purpose of it from the key itself, nor is it possible to imagine from the key itself that a great treasure is likely to be revealed with its help.  There is no hidden indication in the key regarding the treasure; the key itself is closed.  Even if we break it or cut it into pieces, we may find the metal of which it is made, but we cannot learn anything about the hidden treasure which the key is capable of revealing.     There are many such keys in life which can open the doors of treasures.  In some unknown corner of the heart, some lock might be opened by it leading to universal living.  Hence there are many key techniques and methods leading to universal living.


Just as the science and technology that has transformed our outer lives; meditation has provided the main source of the science that can transform our inner lives.  Today, just like the light bulb, meditation is a universal phenomenon- one helps illuminate our outer world, the other out inner world.  Here meditation is made simple, ordinary, and natural in the process of making it universal. Meditation will not solve life problems but if you are in meditative state, problems will disappear.

      With scientific techniques, you can save much time, opportunity and energy.  And sometimes within seconds you can grow so much that even within lives you would not have been able to grow that much.  If a right technique is used, growth explodes.  And these techniques have been used in thousands of years of experiments devised by many masters. 

     Really, when you try the right method it clicks immediately.  You try them.  Just play with them.  The right method, whenever you happen upon it, just clicks.  Something explodes in you.


All the techniques are useful.  One can just go through all the techniques and any technique that strikes –“this is what will be suitable to me”-try it.  Or if you find, two, three techniques, then try them one by one.  Give each a chance.    Give it a try, at least for twenty-one days.  If it starts working, then forget everything, other techniques.  Go on working on it.  It does not matter how many techniques you try.  What matters is that you try one technique to its very end, to its ultimate depth.  And if you succeed in one technique, then every other technique becomes very easy.

If the first technique took six months, the other techniques may take just one week, because now you have reached to the exact point.  You know the place; you know the space that meditation creates.  This is a different path leading to the same space.  And as you try a few other techniques, the time will become less.


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