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U. G. Krishnamurti:- Mystique of Enlightenment

U. G. Krishnamurti:- No liberation

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There Is No Such Thing As Enlightenment

Thinking and wanting, Enlightenment


  1. Thought is your enemy.
  2. Not knowing is your natural state.
  3. Flush out your past from your system.
  4. Be in unfrightened self-abandonment.
  5. Be in uncomplaining self-reliance.
  6. Give up. Simply stop. Stop searching.  You don’t stop searching because such an act would be the end of you.  You are lost only because you are searching.  The search must come to an end before anything can happen.  The energy you are devoting to the search is taking away the energy you need to live.
  7. Have the courage to stand alone.
  8. Life is a movement without direction, a passion that burns without purpose.
  9. As long as you use your thoughts to understand anything, you are not in contact with anything living.
  10. Every time a thought is born, you are born.
  11.  Thoughts arise from wants.
  12.  You are always suffering because you want to be other than what you are.
  13.  Only if you reject all the other paths, can you discover your own.
  14.  It is the most difficult thing to be an ordinary person.
  15.  Everything you are doing to be at peace with yourself is what is destroying the peace that is already there.
  16.  In order to bring doing to an end, you are doing something else.  That is the crux of the problem.
  17.  Culture demand that you should be something other than what you are.  What a tremendous amount of energy we waste trying to become that.  But if that energy is released, living becomes very simple.
  18.  Your search for happiness is prolonging your unhappiness.  As long as you are searching for happiness, you will remain unhappy.
  19.  How to live one’s life is the one question which has transformed itself into millions of questions.
  20. How does the body turn over many times during sleep without your being aware of it.  The body is handling itself.
  21.  Questioning is not a hallmark of intelligence. Cessation of questioning is.
  22.  All the accumulated knowledge, experience and suffering of mankind is inside of you.  You must build a huge bonfire within you.  Then you will become an individual.  There is no other way.
  23.  It is the object that creates the subject.
  24.  Nothing needs to be done to change anything.  Things are changing in their own ways.
  25.  When you are no longer caught up in the dichotomy of right and wrong, or good and bad, you can never do anything wrong.
  26.  Not answers but ending of questions is the important thing.
  27. The individual is an extraordinary piece of creation by the evolutionary process.  There is nobody like you anywhere in this world.
  28.  There are moments of happiness and unhappiness, but the demand to be in a permanent state of happiness is the enemy.
  29.  The plain fact is that if you don’t have a problem, you create one.  If you don’t have a problem, you don’t feel that you are living.
  30.  If you and I go, life goes on.  Those lights go off but the electricity continues.
  31. There is one thought.  Everything exists in relationship to that one thought.  That thought is “me”.  Anything you experience based on that thought is an illusion.
  32.  The only answer to this human problem is not to be found through new ideas, new concepts or new ideologies, but through bringing about a change in the chemistry of the human body.
  33.  You are dissatisfied with your everyday experiences and so you want new ones.  You want to perfect yourself, to change yourself.  You are trying to be something other than what you are.  It is this that is taking you away from yourself.
  34.  The separation between mind and body must come to an end, actually there is no separation.  Every cell in your system has a mind of its own.
  35.  What separates you, what isolates you, is thought.  It creates frontiers, boundaries.  Once that is not there you are boundless, limitless.
  36.  The one answer for all questions is, - “stop asking questions!’.



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