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This simple and effective illustrative meditation images can be used to meditate.

112 illustrative graphic meditation cards


This simple and effective meditation can be done by listening to the meditation techniques.


1.Watch the gap between two breaths.


2. Watch the turning point between two breaths.


3. Watch the fusion point of two breaths.


4. Be aware when breathing stops.


5. Focus your attention on the third eye.


6.  Focus on the gap during your daily activities.


7.  A technique to be aware in dreams.


8.  Watch the turning point with devotion.


9. A. lie down as dead.

B stare without blinking.

C suck something and become the sucking.


10.  Become the caress.


11.  Close your senses, become stone like

12.  Let yourself become weightless.

13.  Concentrate totally on one object.

14.  Put your awareness on your spine.

15.  Close all the openings of your head.

16.  Absorb the senses in your heart.

17.  Do not choose, keep in the middle.

18.  Look lovingly at an object.

19.  Sit on your buttocks only.

20.  How to meditate on a moving vehicle.

21.  Concentrate on a pain in your body.

22.  Look at your past, dis-identified.

23.  Feel an object and become it.

24.  Watch your moods.

25.  Stop!

26.  Face any desire.

27.  Exhaust yourself and drop to the ground.

28.  Imagine yourself losing all energy.

29.  Devote yourself.

30.  Close the eyes and stop their movement.

31.  Look at an object as a whole.

32.  Look at an object as if for the first time.

33.  Look into the limitless sky.

34.  A secret method.

35.  Look into a deep well.

36.  Withdraw yourself completely.

37.  Beyond words and sounds.

38.  Feel yourself in the center of sounds.

39.  Intone a sound and become it.

40.  Listen to a fading sound.

41.  Listen to a stringed instrument.

42.  Use sound as a passage toward feeling.

43.  Focus your mind on the tongue.

44.  A method for those with a sensitive ear.

45.  Intone a word ending in “AH” .

46.  Closing ears and contracting rectum.

47.  Use your name as a mantra.

48.  In the sex act, do not seek the release.

49. Shaking in sex.

50.  Make love without the partner.

51.  When joy arises, become it.

52.  Eat and drink consciously.

53.  Self-remembering.

54.  Feel the satisfaction.

55.  Be aware of the gap between waking and sleep.

56.  Think of the world as an illusion.

57.  Be undisturbed by desires.

58.  See the world as a drama.

59.  Stay in the middle between two polarities.

60.  Acceptance.

61.  Experience existence as waving.

62.  Use mind as the door to meditation.

63.  Be aware who is sensing.

64.  At the beginning of a strong sensation, be aware.

65.  Do not judge.

66.  Be aware of that which never changes in you.

67.  Remember that everything changes.

68.  Be hope-less.

69.  Go beyond bondage and freedom.

70.  Visualize light rays rising up you spine.

71.  Visualize a spark of light jumping from one chakra to the next.

72.  Feel the presence of the ever living existence.

73.  Become the clarity of the cloudless sky .

74.  Feel the whole universe in your head .

75.  Remember yourself as light.

76.  Dissolve into darkness.

77.  Bringing out the inner darkness.

78.  Develop pure attentiveness.

79.  Focus on fire.

80.  Imagine the whole world burning.

81. Everything converges in your being.

82.  Feel, don’t think.

83.  Change your focus to the gaps.

84.  Detach yourself from your body.

85.  Think of nothing.

86.  Imagine the unimaginable.

87.  Feel “I am” .

88.  Know the knower and the known.

89.  Include everything in your being.

90.  Touch your eyes lightly.

91.  Experience your etheric body.

92.  Be aware of moments of no-thought.

93.  Consider the body limitless.

94.  Feel yourself saturated.

95.  Concentrated on the breasts, or on the root of the penis.

96.  Look into unlimited space.

97.  Fill endless space with your bliss body.

98.  Feel the peace in your heart.

99.  Expand in all directions.

100. Remain detached.

101. Believe that you are all-powerful.

102. Imagine spirit within and without.

103. Do not fight with desire.

104. The limits of perception.

105. Realize the oneness of existence.

106. Become each being.

107. Know only consciousness exists.

108. Become your own inner guide.

109. Feel your body as empty.

110. Be playful in activity.

111. Beyond knowing and not-knowing.

112. Enter the space within.


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